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Pinkett Lab


ABC transporters act as gate-keepers to regulate molecule traffic going in and out of cells. Transporter proteins are located within a cell membrane and act as pumps to actively transport metabolites and compounds across a cellular membrane. The transporters we study are medically relevant as they are responsible for the development of multi-drug resistance and have been implicated in diseases such as cystic fibrosis, macular degeneration due to Stargardt’s disease, non-tension glaucoma and otitis media (middle ear infection).  Dr. Pinkett’s lab uses a combination of structural biology, biochemistry and molecular genetics to determine how the transporter proteins relate to their selective function, which will impart insight into how the function of these transporters relates to disease. 

Undergraduates work on one of two projects areas: (1) biochemical studies of the proteins that regulate the expression on ABC transporters or (2) biochemical studies of ABC transporters.  Initially, you are asked to shadow a senior lab member to get your feet wet.  Our undergraduates work on independent project after 6 months and report to the PI on a weekly basis to discuss results.

LAST UPDATED 9/20/2018

Basic Information

Opportunity Type: 

  • Lab Experience, Research Assistant, Work Study/Paid Employment

Opportunity Timeframe: 

  • Academic Year and/or Full Year, Northwestern Fall Quarter, Northwestern Winter Quarter, Northwestern Spring Quarter, Northwestern Summer Session

Opportunity Location: 

  • Evanston Campus


Cook Hall 4161
Department of Molecular Biosciences

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Requirements & Prerequisites


  • Undergraduate Students

Other Limits on Participation: 

Preference for students interested in longterm research and senior thesis.

Language Requirement: 


Other Required Skills: 

Researchers-Students are required to spend 1 quarter shadowing a senior lab member. A spot in the lab is based on this trial period. Students usually then do research for course credit. 17+ hours a week is mandatory. Work study- Must know how to make solutions, basic calculations.

Academic Information

Course Credit Availability: 

  • Yes

Subject Area(s): 

  • Natural Sciences

Keyword Descriptors: 

  • Multidrug resistance, transcriptional activators, ABC transporters, efflux pumps

Financial Information

Funding Availability: 

  • Yes


For work study students-hourly based on experience, years in lab, For undergrad researchers-stipend during the summer only equal to a URG/course credit during academic year.

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  • Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

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Molecular Biosciences

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