Posner Fellowship Program

Posner Fellowship Program


Candidates for Posner fellowships are solicited from faculty and academic advisers; students do not themselves apply directly.  A Posner Fellowship supports eight weeks of full-time summer research in a closely mentored relationship with a faculty.  The program is aimed at students the summer before their sophomore year.  Some rising juniors may also qualify for a Posner.  The application process begins in January.  This program is limited to students who are in Weinberg College (as distinct from having a major in Weinberg as a student in another school, such as SESP or School of Communication).  Students who accept a Posner Fellowship may not be employed otherwise during the eight week period.

Basic Information

Opportunity Type: 

  • Grant or Fellowship

Opportunity Timeframe: 

  • Northwestern Summer Session

Opportunity Location: 

  • Evanston Campus

Location Map: 

Requirements & Prerequisites


  • Undergraduate Students

Language Requirement: 


Academic Information

Course Credit Availability: 

  • No

Subject Area(s): 

  • Humanities, Journalism, Social Sciences

Keyword Descriptors: 

  • Research, grant, Social Sciences, humanities, Summer, freshman, full-time, Weinberg

Financial Information

Funding Availability: 

  • Yes



Type of Payment Available: 

  • Stipend

Contact Information

Sponsors & Partners


  • Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Wildcard Group

Northwestern Run Opportunity: 

Global Opportunity: 

Elective Topic: