SESP Summer Field Studies

SESP Summer Field Studies


The Summer Field Studies Program of the School of Education and Social Policy is a nine-week internship program open to all Northwestern undergraduates going into their junior or senior years. Located in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., or Chicago, the Field Studies program provides an excellent learning opportunity for students to develop leadership by holding a position with a political, public interest, research or educational organization.

Throughout the quarter the student will spend 4 days/week and 30 hours/week working at their site, compiling field notes each evening about their experience.  As students compile their field notes, they attend a concurrent seminar in which they systematically examine their on-site experiences. Prior to participating in the field studies, students must have successfully completed the course Methods of Observing Human Behavior (SESP 372). Students earn four academic credits for their experience.

Basic Information

Opportunity Type: 

  • Internship

Opportunity Timeframe: 

  • Northwestern Summer Session

Opportunity Location: 

  • Evanston Campus, Domestic



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Requirements & Prerequisites


  • Undergraduate Students

Language Requirement: 


Other Required Skills: 

Prerequisite: Methods of Observing Human Behavior (SESP 372); Skills: Depend upon the needs of the practicum site

Academic Information

Course Credit Availability: 

  • Yes

Subject Area(s): 

  • Journalism, Social Sciences

Keyword Descriptors: 

  • Practicum, Internship, Experiential Education, Practical Experience, School of Education and Social Policy, SESP

Financial Information

Funding Availability: 

  • No

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Sponsors & Partners


  • School of Education and Social Policy

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