Sion Asia-related Research Grants

Sion Asia-related Research Grants


Sion Asia-related Research Grants provide funding for research on Asia-related topics. Sion Awards may be made in the form of a WCAS Academic Year Grant or a WCAS Summer Grant. Application for a Sion Award is made by applying for one of these two types of WCAS Grants and indicating in the application that one wishes to be considered for a Sion Grant. Sion funds are limited; research focusing on Asia-related topics may also be funded through a regular WCAS Grant (Academic Year or Summer).


Basic Information

Opportunity Type: 

  • Grant or Fellowship

Opportunity Timeframe: 

  • Other

Opportunity Regions: 

  • Asia, North America

Location Map: 

Requirements & Prerequisites


  • Undergraduate Students

Other Limits on Participation: 

Weinberg College students only.

Language Requirement: 


Academic Information

Course Credit Availability: 

  • No

Financial Information

Funding Availability: 

  • Yes

Contact Information

Sponsors & Partners


  • Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Wildcard Group

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Global Opportunity: 

Elective Topic: